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AI vs. Legal AI, What’s The Difference? [Sponsored]

Above the Law - Technology

In late 2022, ChatGPT introduced legal professionals to generative AI. While intriguing, open-web AI tools like ChatGPT aren't designed for legal work. To leverage AI, lawyers need legal AI - tools trained specifically for legal tasks. The post AI vs. Legal AI, What’s The Difference? appeared first on Above the Law.

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Content Creation Cautionary Tales: Examining the Wittek v. Dobrik Complaint

Trellis.Law Blog

On June 25, 2020, in Provo, Utah, The Vlog Squad, a group of multi-talented, YouTube creators, set out on another content creation adventure. That day, however, ended with one member in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Today, on Trellis Documents… Continue reading → The post Content Creation Cautionary Tales: Examining the Wittek v.


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Learn To Earn: Social Media As A Business Intelligence Tool

Above the Law - Technology

Want to become a business development superstar? This episode of the Non-Eventcast is for you. The post Learn To Earn: Social Media As A Business Intelligence Tool appeared first on Above the Law.

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What the Heck Is a SIEM and Why Do Law Firms Need Them? Here’s Your Primer

Attorney at Work

Why are SIEMs for law firms is important? In the simplest terms, it's a security solution that detects threats before your firm is impacted. The post What the Heck Is a SIEM and Why Do Law Firms Need Them? Here’s Your Primer appeared first on Articles, Tips and Tech for Law Firms and Lawyers.

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Visibility Into the Strategy & Supporting Documents of Major US Law Firms

Law Firm Intelligence by Trellis aggregates state trial court data across the Trellis platform enabling users to: look up a particular metric related to a specific law firm (such as, how many cases a law firm had or has against another law firm), and see the actual dockets and documents supporting the metric. Trellis data is maximized in a revolutionary and unique way to provide users an exclusive look into a law firm litigating in state trial courts.

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WebVantage: Without Martindale-Avvo, it’s just another website.


Launched this year, our product WebVantage provides secure, customized websites for law firms across the country. With unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, attorneys can publish pages that showcase their practice and reputation – all with world-class customer support. Why should attorneys choose WebVantage? Our secure websites are built by legal professionals for law firms who want to showcase their expertise and enhance their digital footprint.

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Could Your AI Testing Tool Throw You into the Breach?

Pillsbury Law Internet and Technology blog

Testing AI systems is essential for ensuring their effectiveness, reliability and safety in real-world applications. Companies can employ various mechanisms to rigorously evaluate their AI technologies. In “Is Your AI Testing Tool a Breach of Contract Claim Waiting to Happen?” , colleagues Mia Rendar and Sam Reno explore how, as AI products grow in both popularity and technical complexity, and as robust testing tools become indispensable, the very utilization of such tools may unwittingly expose


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Ep 244: How Maptician Is Helping Law Firms Optimize Hybrid Office Space, with CEO Alaa Pasha

LawNext podcast

Timing is everything, it is said, and so it was either ironic or fateful that Maptician , developed as a hoteling platform to help law firms and businesses manage office space, launched in 2019, just before the pandemic and period in which offices once bustling with people turned into downtown ghost towns. But the company quickly adapted, says its CEO Alaa Pasha , expanding its platform to help law firms manage the new normal of hybrid offices and return to work, and it has continued to evolve

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How businesses can responsibly use AI and address ethical and security challenges


In our Future of Professionals report, we address the many concerns and challenges that are being raised around the use and application of AI in professional and business capacities. Legal and accounting businesses are faced with figuring out how to use AI ethically and responsibly. Thomson Reuters has been a thought leader in developing principles to guide practices and helping our clients navigate the complexity with AI for decades.