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eDiscovery Assistant, Legal Research Platform for E-Discovery, Adds AI-Generated Case Law Summaries

Above the Law - Technology

eDiscovery Assistant , a legal research platform for e-discovery case law and resources, is today introducing AI-generated case law summaries. Its founder, Twigger, is the principal at ESI Attorneys, a law firm dedicated to e-discovery, and a nationally known e-discovery attorney, author, and speaker.

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LexisNexis Acquires Case Law Analytics

Legal Tech Blog

LexisNexis announced the acquisition of Case Law Analytics , a French legaltech company specializing in the modeling of legal risk using artificial intelligence. It provides valuable assistance in defining the best strategy to adopt to resolve a dispute, and easily find the case law closest to the case in question to better defend it.


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Event Tomorrow Marks the End of Commercial Restrictions on the Caselaw Access Project that Digitized All U.S. Case Law


T he Caselaw Access Project , part of Harvard Law School’s Library Innovation Lab , completed its three-year project to digitize all U.S. case law — some 6.4 million cases dating all the way back to 1658, a span of 360 years. million published cases (and which has continued to grow since then).

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Harvard Law's Caselaw Access Project Releases 40M Pages of State, Federal Case Law

Legal Tech Monitor

The free release of 40 million pages of state and federal court decisions, comprising some 40,000 books of case law, is the culmination of a project that Harvard Law started in 2015 with support from Ravel Law and LexisNexis.

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Gen AI fabricates case law again as unsealed Cohen-Schwartz papers point the finger at Google Bard 

Legal IT Insiders

Court papers unsealed at the end of December confirmed what we all suspected, which is that David Schwartz – lawyer to Donald Trump’s disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen – has … Gen AI fabricates case law again as unsealed Cohen-Schwartz papers point the finger at Google Bard Read More » The post Gen AI fabricates case law again (..)

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From AI to Short Message e-Discovery: 2023 Case Law Update


The inaugural session of Relativity Fest 2023 kicked off with a comprehensive exploration into the most influential cases coming out of the past year—and how they have defined the current state of case law.

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Legal Documents: How do attorneys find relevant case law?

Legal Tech Monitor

Attorneys use various methods to locate relevant case law, depending on their needs and preferences. Continue reading → The post Legal Documents: How do attorneys find relevant case law? Here are some common ways: One of the most common is through legal research databases, such as Trellis, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.