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Best Practices in Dealing with Family Violence Matters

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According to court data from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, family violence is presented as a risk factor in 80% of parenting cases.[i] i] To help those working.

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IAALS Resources Reflect Importance of Centering Children in Divorce Proceedings

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In 2019, the Cady Initiative for Family Justice Reform—formerly the Family Justice Initiative—created 13 principles for family justice reform that push for a paradigm shift in family courts, centered on a move toward a problem-solving mindset and a non-adversarial approach.


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What Makes a Good Divorce Attorney?


Divorce and custody proceedings are often high conflict situations, and family lawyers need to be the steadying voice for the client. Plus, most folks going through a family court proceeding have never hired a lawyer before.

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The Court is Prepared to Proceed: Are You?

The Barrister

Whether in Common Pleas, Family Court, General Sessions, or Probate Court, THSCL will cover you. Considering the American Bar Association’s number one most common legal malpractice claim is failure to know the law, South Carolina attorneys need to be prepared for the inevitable. [2]

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Women’s History Month 2024

Legal Expert Connections

She is an American court-show arbitrator, media personality, television producer, philanthropist, and former prosecutor and Manhattan family court judge. Her television show, which ran for 25 seasons, has made her a recognizable figure, but her legal career and advocacy for justice are equally noteworthy.

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Put the Important Stuff First

Attorney at Work

For example, in family court, these few words might suffice: “Litigant moves the court to compel TheOtherOne to comply with §rrr.” It has traditionally been spelled that way to distinguish it from references to the metal pieces used for old-fashioned typesetting called “lead,” for the metal from which the pieces were created.

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Black History Month: 5 Trailblazing Lawyers

Bigfork Tech

Her appointment was to a family court in New York City, where she had a 10-year term. With a JD in hand, Bolin continued to be a pioneer as the first African-American woman to join the New York City Bar Association and the first to work in the city’s legal department.

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