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AI-Powered Contend Offers Affordable Legal Advice + Letter Drafting

Artificial Lawyer

For many years there have been efforts to create an easy to use, reliable and affordable legal AI system that will give people advice and even draft documents for them. With Contend Legal we may fi…

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Can Paralegals Give Legal Advice?


But amid all of that, are they qualified (or allowed) to give legal advice? What a Paralegal Does With their legal expertise and attention to detail, paralegals are the ultimate sidekick for lawyers who need an extra set of hands. Legal Requirements for Providing Legal Advice A license. Confidentiality.


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First Amendment Protects Non-Lawyers in Providing Legal Advice in Debt Cases, Federal Court Rules


Non-lawyers will be allowed to provide legal advice to low-income New Yorkers who face debt collection actions, under a preliminary injunction ordered yesterday by a federal judge in New York. In a 33-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Paul A. To prevent that, Upsolve filed suit for an injunction blocking the AG from suing for UPL.

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LawBite and Handepay join forces to help merchants access quality and affordable legal advice

Legal IT Professionals

LawBite and Handepay, part of the PayPoint Group, are delighted to announce a new partnership providing Handepay’s customers with access to LawBite’s legal advice and services, helping them to manage their business and legal needs more effectively.

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Utah Sandbox OKs Two Programs Enabling Non-Lawyers To Give Legal Advice On Medical Debt


These are only the second and third non-profit projects to be approved to participate in the sandbox and the first in the nation to empower non-lawyers go give limited-scope legal advice about medical debt, according to Stacy Butler , director of the Innovation for Justice Program at the University of Arizona James E.

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New York Court of Appeals Confirms Attorney-Client Privilege Can Apply Without Anticipated/Pending Litigation or Client’s Affirmative Request for Legal Advice

Discovery Advocate

Key Takeaway: Under New York law, the attorney-client privilege applies to advice from counsel regarding general legal subjects, even when unsolicited and there is no anticipated litigation or pending action. Can that communication be fairly withheld on the basis of attorney-client privilege? “In

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How to Answer Legal Exam/Assignment Questions – A Guide for Law Students

Ward Blawg

While our mission is to be one of the world’s leading resources on law, digital and legal technology, helping the best law firms and lawyers share the greatest amount of useful legal advice and insights online, we started by sharing useful tips for law students on their path to a legal career.