Stay On Top of Newly Filed State & Federal Litigation: Curated Just for You!


With Daily Filings Report by Trellis you will receive an email and csv file daily with all new cases filed in the jurisdictions you're tracking. Each new case will include all case metadata like judge, parties, counsel, practice area, and even direct links to the full docket and complaint. Trellis Daily Filings Reports provide direct access to newly filed state and federal litigation curated just for you.

Visibility Into the Strategy & Supporting Documents of Major US Law Firms


Law Firm Intelligence by Trellis aggregates state trial court data across the Trellis platform enabling users to: look up a particular metric related to a specific law firm (such as, how many cases a law firm had or has against another law firm), and see the actual dockets and documents supporting the metric. Trellis data is maximized in a revolutionary and unique way to provide users an exclusive look into a law firm litigating in state trial courts.


Last year, we hosted the 2017 MVP Awards across three of our sites. In order to get ready for this year’s coming awards across even more of our sites, we’re catching up with some of our judges from the previous awards who offered their time and insight to make the awards even better. Take a look!